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Glee Club Mash Up
Glee Club Mash Up.png
Ścieżka dźwiękowa: Disney Channel: Play It Loud
Wykonawca: Austin Moon, Ally Dawson, Trish De La Rosa, Dez
Pierwszy odcinek: Glee Clubs & Glory
Rodzaj: Remix
Długość: 3:00
Poprzedni: I Love Christmas
Następny: Who U R
Mash Up03:01

Mash Up

Pełna wersja

Glee Club Mash Up - piosenka śpiewana przez całą główną obsade. Pojawia się w odcinku Glee Clubs & Glory. Piosenka to remix  dwunastu piosenke pierwszego i drugiego sezonu.

Pojawią się remixy piosenek:Edytuj


Ally: There's no way I can make it without ya
Do it without ya
Be here without ya

Austin: It's no fun when you're doing it solo
With you it's like whoa
Yeah and I know

Austin i Ally: I-I-I-I own this dream
Cause I-I-I-I got you with me

Austin: Can ya, can ya feel, can ya, can ya, can ya feel!

(Przejście do Can You Feel It)

All: Can you feel it
Turn it up, up, up
Can you feel it
Turn it up, up, up
Can you feel it
Turn it up, up, up
Can you feel it
Feel it, feel it

(Przejście doA Billion Hits)

Ally: Who-o-o-ah
That's what I'm gonna get
That's what I'm gonna get
Yeah, cause I know that I'll make it
Overload the internet
A billion hits is what I'll get

(Przejście do Illusion)

Austin: Step right up on the stage
Free yourself from the cage
Pick a card and guess it girl
Here’s a lesson, girl
It's just an illusion

(Przejście doI Got That Rock N' Roll)

Trish: I got that ro-o-ock n'ro-o-oll
Yeah, yeah
I'll make you lo-o-ose contro-o-ol
Yeah, yeah
C'mon and dance to my flo-o-ow
Yeah, yeah
'Cause I got
What I got
Don't you know
I got that rock n' roll

(Przejście do Heard It On The Radio i Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song))

All: Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh oh (Na, na, na, na)
Heard it on the radio (Na, na, na)
Oh, oh, oh (Play it back, play it back one time, yeah)
Oh, oh, oh

(Przejście do Finally Me)

Dez: I'm finally me
Got everything I need
What you get is what you see,
I, I, I'm finally me
And I've never felt so free
There's no one else that I'm trying to be
I'm finally me

(Przejście do Not a Love Song i Heart Beat)

All: Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
I love the things you do
It's how you do the things you love
But it's not a love song (Hey-ay-ay-ay, Hey-ay-ay-ay)
It's not a love song (Na-ah-ah)

(Przejście do Steal Your Heart)

Austin: Call me criminal
I won't deny you make me want it all,
Everything you are
So lock it up
Go on and try it
No matter what you do
I'm gonna steal your heart

(Przejście do Don't Look Down)

All: Don't look down, down, down, down
Sunhee: (singing in Korean) Alaeleul boji mal, mal, mal, mal
(Down, Down, Down, Down)
(Transitions to Can't Do It Without You)

All: Ohhhhh
There's no way I can make it without you
Do it without you
Be here without you
It's no fun when you're doing it solo
With you it's like whoa
Yeah and I know
Ahhhhhh (Hey hey hey, hey hey) (Be here without you)
Ahhhhh-ah-oh (Hey hey hey, hey hey)
Be here without you, out you, out you

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